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It was at the turn of last century when the Masachs family started to cultivate grapes in their estate located in Vilafranca del Penedès, a wine area par excellence, where the growing of grapes had already been introduced in times of the Roman Empire.

D. Josep Masachs Llorach, a man with strong convictions, great character and dedicated since his childhood to the growing of grapes, founded Cavas Masachs within the decade of the twenties producing cava in the best tradition of craftsmanship and with a limited production, meant basically, for his own consumption and to make it known to his closest friends. Later, his son, D. Josep Masachs Juvé, went on with his father’s job under the same policy of very limited production and craftsmanship combined with hard work with the aim to improve the quality of his cavas.

In 1977, Josep y Joan Masachs started a new guideline and launched a new line of cava to the market based on the experience and know-how of their ancestors. Little by little, the excellent quality of the cavas made by these young producers was known both in the domestic and international market, thus to reward their efforts and dedication. As a result of these achievements and the growth in the demand for their products, the production facilities used by their grandfather became too small and outdated. This compelled Masachs to set up new facilities in 1985 in the Monsarra estate, which is situated in the municipality of Torrelles de Foix and provided with the ideal structure for the making of the best cavas.

Nowadays, Cavas Masachs continue the production of cavas and wines n their Monsarra estate with the same enthusiasm in order to improve the quality initiated by its founders.


The Catalan country of “El Penedès”, which    breathes the Mediterranean air and spreads  over the north-west towards the Montserrat mountain range that protects it from the north cold winds, is situated about 40 Km. south of Barcelona, in the centre of which the Masachs cellars are located.                  

An area, which, thanks to the generosity of nature, is provided with all those factors whose allow to be the best conditions for the wine growing. The characteristic of its Mediterranean location, combined with the soil and subsoil, an especially benign climate both in winter and summer and an average annual rainfall of 525 mm., make the Monsarra estate a true paradise for wine growing. A privileged location, which, year after year, allows Masachs to harvest its most prized fruit: its reputation and consideration as a great brand. The mild winters protect the vineyards in lethargy from the frost and the north cold winds, which can severally damage the grapes. The winter rains help a regular sprout of the grapes, later intensified thanks to the water retained in the subsoil. As the summer approaches, the sunshine and the low humidity regulated by the mild winds from the Mediterranean help the balanced enrichment of sugar, acid and primary aromas, basic for the making of Cava.


The source of health and, at times, of happiness, centuries ago wine was considered an elixir of the Gods. From the birth of the Roman civilization, the influence in the art of wine growing spread throughout the Mediterranean basin. The Catalan region of El Penedès soon proved to be one of the best-endowed natural regions for the making of the best wines. Today, the Denomination of Origin Penedès is acknowledged and appreciated throughout the world.

Masachs, loyal to its history, to its Mediterranean roots and to the respect due to nature itself, has conquered even the most difficult markets, combining the spirit of the best craftsmanship with the most advanced technology. The passage of time has shown that modern facilities certainly can improve the quality of Still Wines and Cava without detriment to nature. Our respect for the environment has led to the building of a purifying plant and the use of recyclable containers and packages.

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Ctra. Sant Martí Sarroca, Km. 7 08737 Torrelles de Foix (Barcelona)

Phone: 0034 93 899 00 17

Web: www.cavasmasachs.com



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